Why choose Buela for your baby?

Caring for your baby is the most important thing in the world to you and making the right feeding choices is of paramount importance for your baby’s ongoing development. It’s a very big decision to make – so, why choose Buela?

Designed especially for your baby’s health

Buela products have been carefully prepared for your baby using a unique recipe, which is based on years of research on mothers’ milk. Optimally selected ingredients, based on precise laboratory analysis allowed us to create a product to support your child through the various stages of their early development.

Buela formula milk products are sourced and manufactured in Europe, with operational headquarters in the UK and we strive to bring you the best products, so that you can be confident in the choice you have made for your child.

Our products are gluten and trans fat free, with raw materials used in production, not containing genetically modified organisms (GMO).




By clicking on the PROCEED button you will be able to access information about Buela infant milk products. Should you choose to continue, you agree and accept that you are personally requesting that Buela provides you with important information about feeding your baby. Please always consult a healthcare professional to assist you with making an informed choice on the best way for you to feed your baby.


Please note, breastfeeding is best for babies and has many benefits for both you and your baby. It is important that you eat a healthy well-balanced diet in preparation for and during breastfeeding.


If you are considering changing over from breastfeeding or combining breast and bottle feeding, talk to your midwife or health visitor first. Once the decision to stop breastfeeding has been made, it is difficult to go back. Partial bottle feeding with infant milk, especially in the first few weeks, may reduce the supply of your breastmilk. The cost and social implications of using formula milk should be considered.